“Wrap marker” Thunderbird Extension

Yay, time for a new Thunderbird extension. Wrap Marker.

The code is up on GitHub.

This Thunderbird extension adds a word wrap marker (also called “ruler”, depending on what editor you’re using) to the text area in the compose window when you’re editing plain text emails. In effect, a vertical line indicating that you’re close to the 72/76/80-character mark. (You can change the position in about:config. The default is 76.)

It works by changing the entire editor’s (think “iframe”) designMode from “on” to “off”, and adding a div with contenteditable=”true” instead. If this changes how your compose text area behaves, I’d consider that a bug, so please let me know.

At the time of this writing (February 26, 2018), this extension is still kind of beta and not exactly “thoroughly tested”. It will be submitted to Thunderbird’s extension page once it’s been tested some more and maybe once it’s gotten some of the known bugs fixed. These include:

  • Quoted text in a reply isn’t blue.
  • Your cursor position preference isn’t honored. The cursor will always be in the upper left corner when you start a new reply.
  • This feature is disabled for HTML emails. I don’t think it’ll ever work for HTML emails.
  • You get scrollbars all the time (This is probably fixable. Forgot to fix.)

“Reply As Original Recipient” Thunderbird Extension

GitHub repository: https://github.com/qiqitori/reply_as_original_recipient

URL: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/reply-as-original-recipient/ 

This Thunderbird extension automatically changes the From: field in replies to whatever the original sender’s email had in To:, but only if there is a + in the email address (and there is only one address in To:).

URL: https://addons.mozilla.org/ja/thunderbird/addon/reply-as-original-recipient/ 


URL: https://addons.mozilla.org/de-DE/thunderbird/addon/reply-as-original-recipient/ 

Mit diesem Thunderbird-Addon wird bei Antworten auf angekommene Emails, die im “An:”-Feld eine Email-Adresse mit einem “+” enthalten, das “Von:”-Feld automatisch auf jene “An:”-Email-Adresse gesetzt. Allerdings funktioniert dies nur bei Emails, die nur einen “An:”-Empfänger haben.

2017-01-29 edit: 1.1 beta version: reply_as_original_recipient-1.1-tb.xpi
This version adds an option in the config editor that allows the extension to work even if there is no plus character in the To: address. The option is at “extensions.replyasoriginalrecipient.use_plus”. The default is true, meaning that the address has to contain a plus character.

“Reply To All Reminder” Thunderbird Extension

URL: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/reply-to-all-reminder/

This Thunderbird extension asks you to confirm if you really want to reply to the person in the From: field only when you hit “Reply” and there are multiple people in the To: field or there is a CC field. Often you’ll want to hit “Reply to All” instead.

URL: https://addons.mozilla.org/ja/thunderbird/addon/reply-to-all-reminder/


URL: https://addons.mozilla.org/de/thunderbird/addon/reply-to-all-reminder/

Mit diesem Add-on fragt Thunderbird, ob man wirklich nur dem Sender antworten möchte, wenn man bei einer Email mit mehreren Empfängern anstelle von “Allen antworten”, “Antworten” ausgewählt hat.