Qiqitori Crowdsourced Transcriptions

Hi, I am the owner of Qiqitori. I am pleased to announce the immediate launch of the Qiqitori transcription service. It might be slightly beta at the moment, but I’m sure we’ll get everything ironed out soon! We currently support English, German, and Japanese*, and we’re planning on adding many more languages!

Qiqitori is a transcription service specifically geared towards language learners. If you are studying a language and sometimes find yourself watching movies in the language you are studying and not understanding much of what people are saying, you have come to the right place! Extract the part you need a transcription for and get it transcribed on Qiqitori without having to bug your native acquaintances, for just €0.01 per second. Our transcribers are also more than happy to transcribe lectures or podcasts or whatever else you might have.

And the best part: you, too, can become a transcriber for Qiqitori and make some money on the side, just by taking a test! There’s no need to submit a CV or anything. Any native speaker who knows how to speel should be able to pass our tests!

* However, you cannot take Japanese tests at the moment, and parts of the Japanese UI might be slightly off!