PS3 controller repair log

Symptoms on real PS3: probably “crazy behavior”, I didn’t actually test on a real PS3.
Symptoms when connected to a computer with a program open that displays the gamepad status: random button presses, button “flickering”, buttons going on and off randomly, possibly depending on how the controller is held.

Cause in my case: rubber cushion is worn out, and/or physical damage to the controller’s case and/or loss of one of the screws. The rubber cushion sits on a piece of plastic, and a flex cable is sandwiched between the rubber cushion and the PCB. If the rubber cushion loses some of its original height, for example due to wear, or if one of the controller’s screws are lost and the PCB isn’t pressed as hard against the rubber cushion as it used to, buttons will randomly appear pressed or unpressed. (When there is absolutely no connection between the flex cable and the PCB, all buttons will appear pressed. When the connection is flaky, buttons may appear pressed all the time, or go on and off.)

Fix: adding a little height to the cushion fixed the problem for me.

In this pic, I’m holding the flex cable with one of my fingers. The tube (it’s a piece of heat shrink, actually) is what I added to improve contact between the flex cable and PCB. The original rubber is still there.

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