Skype for Business fortunes

Skype for Business:
    Accept any substitute.
    If it's broke, don't fix it.
    If it ain't broke, fix it.
    Form follows malfunction.
    The Cutting Edge of Obsolescence.
    The trailing edge of software technology.
    Armageddon never looked so good.
    Japan's secret weapon.
    You'll envy the dead.
    Making the world safe for competing communication tools.
    Let it get in YOUR way.
    The problem for your problem.
    If it starts working, we'll fix it.  Pronto.
    It could be worse, but it'll take time.
    Simplicity made complex.
    The greatest productivity aid since typhoid.
    Flakey and built to stay that way.
One thousand monkeys.  One thousand Windows 8 machines.  One thousand years.
    Skype for Business.
Skype for Business:
    It's not how slow you make it.  It's how you make it slow.
    The communication tool preferred by masochists 3 to 1.
    Built to take on the world... and lose!
    Don't try it 'til you've knocked it.
    Power tools for Power Fools.
    Putting new limits on productivity.
    The closer you look, the cruftier we look.
    Design by counterexample.
    A new level of software disintegration.
    No hardware is safe.
    Do your time.
    Rationalization, not realization.
    Old-world software cruftsmanship at its finest.
    Gratuitous incompatibility.
    Your mother.
    THE user interference management system.
    You can't argue with failure.
    You haven't died 'til you've used it.
The environment of today... tomorrow!
    Skype for Business.
Skype for Business:
    Something you can be ashamed of.
    30% more entropy than the leading communication tool.
    The first fully modular software disaster.
    Rome was destroyed in a day.
    Warn your friends about it.
    Climbing to new depths.  Sinking to new heights.
    An accident that couldn't wait to happen.
    Don't wait for the movie.
    Never use it after a big meal.
    Need we say less?
    Plumbing the depths of human incompetence.
    It'll make your day.
    Don't get frustrated without it.
    Power tools for power losers.
    A software disaster of Biblical proportions.
    Never had it.  Never will.
    The software with no visible means of support.
    More than just a generation behind.
Hindenburg.  Titanic.  Edsel.
    Skype for Business.
Skype for Business:
    The ultimate bottleneck.
    Flawed beyond belief.
    The only thing you have to fear.
    Somewhere between chaos and insanity.
    On autopilot to oblivion.
    The joke that kills.
    A disgrace you can be proud of.
    A mistake carried out to perfection.
    Belongs more to the problem set than the solution set.
    To err is Skype for Business.
    Ignorance is our most important resource.
    Complex nonsolutions to simple nonproblems.
    Built to fall apart.
    Nullifying centuries of progress.
    Falling to new depths of inefficiency.
    The last thing you need.
    The defacto substandard.
Elevating brain damage to an art form.
    Skype for Business.
Skype for Business:
    We will dump no core before its time.
    One good crash deserves another.
    A bad idea whose time has come.  And gone.
    We make excuses.
    It didn't even look good on paper.
    You laugh now, but you'll be laughing harder later!
    A new concept in abuser interfaces.
    How can something get so bad, so quickly?
    It could happen to you.
    The art of incompetence.
    You have nothing to lose but your lunch.
    When uselessness just isn't enough.
    More than a mere hindrance.  It's a whole new barrier!
    When you can't afford to be right.
    And you thought we couldn't make it worse.
If it works, it isn't Skype for Business.
Skype for Business:
    You'd better sit down.
    Don't laugh.  It could be YOUR thesis project.
    Why do it right when you can do it wrong?
    Live the nightmare.
    Our bugs run faster.
    When it absolutely, positively HAS to crash overnight.
    There ARE no rules.
    You'll wish we were kidding.
    Everything you never wanted in a communication tool.  And more.
    Dissatisfaction guaranteed.
    There's got to be a better way.
    The next best thing to keypunching.
    Leave the thrashing to us.
    We wrote the book on core dumps.
    Even your dog won't like it.
    More than enough rope.
    Garbage at your fingertips.
Incompatibility.  Shoddiness.  Uselessness.
    Skype for Business.

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