Excel character counter / エクセル文字カウンター

At work, somebody sometimes needs to count the length of selected text in Excel cells. Doing it in one’s head is understandably unpleasant, so why not see if there’s software out there that can count the number of characters in selected text? Well, I got pretty close at http://www.donationcoder.com/Software/Skrommel/index.html#DragKing. Since this is written in AutoHotkey, I’d just have to modify it a bit to count while the mouse cursor is being dragged. (Watch the video below to see it in action.) Unfortunately, pressing Ctrl+V while selecting text doesn’t work, so we instead send the WM_COPY message, like this:

SendMessage 0x301,0,0,%Control%, %WinTitle%  ; WM_COPY

Also it’s not cool if the script gets rid of your clipboard contents, so we restore that too. Get the script here: moji_counter_v3.ahk
Note that it’s partially localized to Japanese.



SendMessage 0x301,0,0,%Control%, %WinTitle%  ; WM_COPY


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